Body Treatments

Hands & Arms15 mins9.50
Legs & Feet20 mins11.50
Back & Shoulder30 mins16.00
Full Body Aromatherapy1 Hour35.00
Hot Dumpling Back Massage
Using deep Eastern massage techniques and A heated Thai Herbal Compress containing a blend of aromatic & therapeutic traditional Thai herbs. Stimulating the body to detoxify & heal itself.
30 mins17.00
Infra-red Massage – deep muscle Massage
Using heat & infra-red to massage deep into the muscles
75 mins40.00
Lava Shell Full Body Massage
Combining deep massage movements together with the self-heating Lava Shells, helps the release of physical & emotional tension giving deep relaxation of your muscles to allow your body to re-energise
90 mins42.00
Using Aromatherapy Oils
1 Treatment10.50
Course of 1080.00
Quick Slim Wraps
Non-electrical, Using bandages & Herbal Gel, lose inches in just one treatment! (Great for giving you that boost when you really need it!)30.00
Exfoliate & Moisturise
Full Body & Face20.00
Upper Body12.00
Face & Neck7.50
Full Legs8.50
Rid the body of dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth and ready for a deeper tan.
Lay back & relax with this wonderfully warm body detox treatment.* Includes. A gentle full body brush, a smoothing exfoliation, finishing with a relaxing moisturise then wrapped in a warm body cocoon.
Boost your circulation and immune system and get it back on track.

* All times shown are approximate